Caswell Tire Services

J.L. Potter Equipment & Rentals, LLC

J.L. Potter Equipment & Rentals, LLC is located at Caswell Tire in Yanceyville and has many types of tools and equipment available for rent.

INSURANCE is required for all rentals and is 10% of the rental costs.  Insurance can only be waived if you have the proper inland marine insurance policy and list the rented equipment on your policy for the duration of the rental.  We must have a copy of your insurance policy on file in order to waive this fee.  This insurance protects the renter from a total loss, however the renter is still responsible for the costs of damage to equipment as detailed on the back page of the rental agreement.

On-site service is available for extended rental periods, otherwise regular maintenance, periodic lubrication, and general upkeep is the responsibility of the renter.  Fluid level checks and proper lubrication or grease should be done daily, or more frequently if indicated.  For emergency repair service, please call (336) 694-4831 during business hours and (366) 694-3775 after hours.